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Managed Cloud Services

CCNET provides High Availability Systems and Solutions by Maintaining Highest Levels of Uptime using All-Inclusive Managed IT Services. CCNET designs, architects and implements robust managed hosting solutions and managed hosting services to clients ranging from private cloud, dedicated virtual servers, managed enterprise servers to resilient mission critical systems and applications.
We are The Cloud Experts !

3D Scale Horizontally and Vertically

Maximized performance for systems and applications. Management for Compute, Storage, Network, Databases and everything else in between. Safer, highly reliable and more productive environment for employees, customers and other end-users.

Managed Infrastructure as a Service

Infrastructure Compute as a Service Tier 1 BGP internet access 10G / 40G / 100G Networks All Flash Arrays Redundant Power Conduits Advanced Cooling On Site Smart Hands

Cloud Solutions

Reduced risks to mission-critical systems, applications and information.


IOPS for all Apps

Maximized performance for systems, applications and databases.

Sustained Availability

Higher data availability and reduced demands on internal IT resources.


Data Security

Safer, improved levels of data integrity and privacy.



Greater agility to scale up or down as needed.

Unparalleled Support

Integrated monitoring services uninterrupted support 24 x 7 x 365

Datacenter(s) Specifications

Expert Cloud Deployments Serving Clients in All Verticals Advanced Level Team Support Enterprise Grade Systems Highest MTBF Standards

Tier III Certified SSAE 16 Certified Security Controls Availability Controls Multi Layer Authentication

On Site 24/7 Assistance On Site Spare Equipment Smart Remote Hands Dedicated Support Disaster Recovery Space Business Continuity Space

Multiple 40G Uplinks Multiple 10G Downlinks High Resilient Network Custom Network Deployment Custom Cloud Systems Private and Isolated

Cloud Solutions Core Features

Cloud Services

CCNET’s Cloud Hosting Services combine our redundant backbone network with our highly secure, always available hosting facilities and industry-leading equipment to provide you with a tailored solution that is configured, deployed and managed experienced IT and engineering specialists.

Hosted Applications

When your business depends on its critical applications, like database systems and utilities, we provide the administration, management, monitoring, reporting and support required to keep them up and running. It’s everything required to optimize application availability and performance across the enterprise.


Collaboration Solutions

Today, messaging applications are essential for routine business. We help you implement, manage, maintain and upgrade these important tools so you can count on dependable access and availability, despite situations that threaten to disrupt servers, software, work facilities or staff.

Network Services

With our industry-leading, protocol-independent, disaster-proven global network as its backbone, our Network Services offering includes technical and engineering expertise, for a complete solution that helps keeps you connected while reducing overall costs.


Data Security

You can count on our advanced security technologies to help protect systems, applications and data from the ever-growing number of threats that come from outside and within. Our Information Systems Security Professionals work with you to develop the right strategy to safeguard both IT and business resources.

Data Storage

When you need fast, efficient and secure recovery of business-critical data throughout the organization our storage services offers a range of services to meet your specialized requirements. They’re designed to support your needs for file sharing, primary storage, compliance management and information backup recovery and testing.

Cloud and Managed Infrastructure

    Improved efficiency at the core enterprise level, up-time and delivery. Zero Downtime High Availability Enterprise Solutions designs – DR, BCP, CDP, HA. Integrated Monitoring Services preventing faulty event occurrence    

Internal Physical Security

    Highest ITIL methodology and industry experience covering all managed enterprise IT services. Reducing business impact and risk with full range of high availability environment changes.    

Cloud System Deployment

    Cloud Servers being deployed in an isolated and highly reliable environment. Cloud infrastructure that’s been engineered for reliability, resiliency and security.    

Disaster Recovery and Availability Planning

    Improved levels of data integrity and privacy. Better ability to focus on core competencies. Reduced demands on internal IT resources.    

Business Continuity Availability Space

    Provisioning of Business Continuity Space for clients to perform tasks while main office undergoes maintenance. Reduced risks to mission-critical systems, applications and information.    

Data Continuity with DR and Replication Services

If the cost of downtime is unacceptable to your organization, CCNET Replication Services help you maintain real-time or near real-time availability of applications, data and systems, from onsite or remote locations, whichever suits your operation the best. You’ll find them invaluable for efficient recovery and testing, as well as for a stronger compliance stance. BaaS and DRaaS Services and Solutions for any size client organization.

Uptime, Speed and Reliability

It’s all about UPTIME and SPEED folks! We fully understand client frustrations about downtime and lack of speed and we take it very, very seriously. There is nothing worse than to experience downtime or slowness. We made keeping and maintaining as perfect UPTIME and massive IOPS as possible – it is our practice. Counting on many years of UPTIME and SPEED. Actual sampled results from production systems.


CCNET CDN, Cloud, Systems and Availability Map

Managed Infrastructure as a Service

Our offerings include just about any service your organization might need, regardless of the platforms running throughout the enterprise: Cloud Services, Hosting Services, Application Services, Messaging & Collaboration Services, Network Services, Managed Security Services, Storage Services, and Replication Services. Within each of these categories, you’ll find a range of offerings, both customized and out-of-the-box to perfectly fit your infrastructure requirements and needs.

infrastructure framework and delivery model
secured datacenter

Data Security

All servers are secured behind additional locked modules, thus further restricting access

4 Way Authentication

Badge, Security check, Retina, and Combo as well as Thumb


Best cooling with space restriction, fire suppression, redundant power, backup generators and apc

Cloud Stats


Avg Uptime

Average IOPS

Uptime Days

Read GB/s


Write GB/s


Connections /s

Managed IT Services

Our offerings include just about any service your organization might need, regardless of the platforms running throughout the enterprise: Hosting Services, Application Services, Messaging & Collaboration Services, Network Services, Managed Security Services, Storage Services, and Replication Services. Within each of these categories, you’ll find a range of offerings, both customized and out-of-the-box, all of which leverage our ongoing and considerable investments in:


Vetted Vendors

advanced technologies developed in partnership with best-in-class vendors


Cloud Sustainability

infrastructure engineered for reliability, resiliency and security


Forever Support

experienced technical, engineering and customer-service teams, available 24/7

datacenter team work

Competitive Advantage

What really separates our managed IT services from the rest is that we let you decide on the level of control required. You get the flexibility to take on as much responsibility for day-to-day management and operation of systems, applications and data as your organization can — or wants to — handle internally. And you can hand over the reigns in any other areas to our experts, knowing you’re in good hands. In turn, you can better manage internal resources, and put them to use where they can offer the most value to your organization and its business goals.